Page design, website design and illustration

I have a long-standing interest in graphic design dating back to designing the school magazine and summer jobs as a junior graphic designer when I was a student. While major projects of course require professional designers, on some smaller-scale projects I have done the design in addition to writing the text. My design skills are also useful in my work where the design is done by somebody else, as it helps me to give very clear, practical design suggestions and image directions. Examples of work which I also designed:

covers covers

LEFT: Three Secondary level reading skills books for a Korean scholastic publisher. I co-authored the text, then designed the pages, sourced all the images and designed the covers. RIGHT: For the same publisher, I authored some Primary level reading skills material, designed the pages and commissioned the original illustrations. Click on the images to see PDF samples.

I also taught myself web design. For example, I designed this website entirely myself, and designed the website for MATSDA, the ELT Materials Development Association, of which I am a committee member. This skill can be useful when developing online ELT materials, as it gives me an insight into the technical side of the process. I have also learned how to work directly with Virtual Learning Environments, and how to program activities myself - EXAMPLES.

Last - and very much least - I have some skills as an illustrator and cartoonist. While I don't consider myself to be professional illustrator, I have on occasion contributed cartoon illustrations to ELT publications (EXAMPLE). More often, my drawing skills are helpful for providing sketches to clarify artwork briefs for ELT materials.